A thriving ocean technology company headquartered in Victoria, with satellite sales offices in the USA and France, Rockland helps scientists understand climate change. At Rockland, an eclectic team works in an inclusive environment to deliver sensor and software solutions to Oceanographers in 30 countries. Rockland takes pride in their customer-first culture, which is reflected by raving referrals and a growing number of scientific publications.

In the coming years, Rockland will be enabling more measurements, through more methods, in more places.  Our customers have a lot of ocean to cover and we plan to keep up through continued investment in research and development and by growing our industry-leading team of technical and operational specialists.

That’s where you come in! If you want want to work with creative, curious and like-minded individuals, who show up to make a difference, see if one of the following postings is a fit for you.

VMP-500-RT Field Trial Okinawa