VMP-500 Turbulence Profiler

The VMP-500 is a vertical microstructure turbulence profiler for the measurement of dissipation-scale turbulence in oceans and lakes up to 2000 m depth.

It is equipped with state-of-art microstructure velocity probes (shear probes), high-resolution temperature sensors (thermistors), and high-accuracy CTD sensors.

The VMP-500 is available with either real-time data transmission or internal recording options.

Download the Product Data Sheet.


  • Pressure case rated to 1000 m depth (up to 2000 m option)
  • Pressure sensor
  • Two-axis, high-accuracy accelerometers
  • Tilt sensor
  • 2x SPM-6000 shear probes
  • 2x FP07-1000 fast thermistors
  • Support for SBE7-6000 microstructure conductivity sensor
  • Support for SBE-3F / SBE-4C temperature and conductivity sensors
  • Additional sensors upon request

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