Rockland Hosts OMG Ocean Microstructure Glider Workshop in Halifax

It has always been ingrained in Rocklands identity to actively collaborate and empower scientists to achieve their goals. In line with this mission the Rockland Scientific team based at COVE (Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship), in Halifax, Nova Scotia, had the opportunity to organize an Ocean Microstructure Glider (OMG) workshop for a group of […]

Rockland Delivers Turbulence workshop at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) for the Marine Autonomous Robotics Systems (MARS) Group

Rockland Scientific provided an in-person, week-long Turbulence Workshop at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton (NOC Southampton) from November 28 to December 2, 2022. Although we have been providing frequent web-live training events to customers around the globe, this was the first in-person workshop since the pandemic. Participants for this workshop were from the University of […]

VMP-250 Recovery

Rockland a Proud Partner of the 2021 AMAZOMIX Cruise

AMAZOMIX is a multidisciplinary oceanographic expedition exploring how the mixing of the Amazon River with the Atlantic Ocean impacts the biology, chemistry, and physics of the ocean. Indeed, the Amazon River plume carries large volumes of fresh, turbid, nutrient-rich water to a narrow coastal strip. It is a place of high phytoplankton production that has […]

Drawing of Lake Geneva

Swiss Limnologists Benefit from Swift Support & Loaner MicroCTD

Earlier this year, researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) were experiencing challenges with data from one of the shear channels on their MicroCTD. However, Rockland manufacturing and support teams quickly provided a loaner MicroCTD to help EPFL continue their seasonal study from their Léman exploration platform (LéXPLORE). Rockland’s fast responsiveness and […]

Rockland Scientific’s New Data Logger Delivers Improved Software Experience and Simplifies Connectivity with Instruments

The new Rockland Data Logger (RDL) is now equipped in the current production of Rockland instrumentation. The RDL represents an evolution in our core instrument technology with modernized components and firmware that provides users with a simplified software interface and easier connectivity & configuration. The RDL’s capabilities far outpace those of the previous CF2-generation of data loggers by delivering enhanced data acquisition, transmission options, […]