Covid-19 and Rockland

We would like to assure our Customers, Suppliers, and Partners of Rockland that we have implemented steps to keep our work force safe, while keeping our operations functioning at high productivity.  As of Monday, March 16, 2020, we have implemented a work-from-home policy and we are limiting the movements and contact points of those staff […]

Plain English Oceanography: Insight into the Surface Layer of the Ocean During a Storm

Evolution of Oceanic Near-Surface Stratification in Response to an Autumn Storm Natasha S. Lucas, Alan L. M. Grant, Tom P. Rippeth, Jeff A. Polton, Matthew R. Palmer, Liam Brannigan, Stephen E. Belcher Journal of Physical Oceanography, November 2019, American Meteorological Society DOI: 10.1175/jpo-d-19-0007.1 What is it about? Why are we interested in the surface of […]

Beyond Measurements: Observations to Parameterization of Vertical Mixing in Ocean Models

Hosted by IISc. Bangalore, the BOTS Workshop will provide instructional content and interactive tutorials on topics related to the processing, analysis an interpretation of microstructure turbulence data. The Bay of Bengal Boundary Layer Experiment (BoBBLE)will provide the context and sample data sets used in the tutorials. The BOTS workshop will also include presentations from Indian […]

Rockland Scientific Partners with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup to Offset Ocean Waste

Rockland is pleased to announce a corporate partnership with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup (BBOC), one of the world’s leading independent ocean cleanup non-profit foundations.  BBOC prevents and removes ocean pollution to minimise the effects of human development. At Ocean Business 2019, Rockland kicks off an annual donation pledge to BBOC. In April, Rockland transferred £20 […]

Ocean Business 2019 provides timely training opportunity for Rockland Scientific

SOUTHAMPTON, UK, April 16, 2019 – Ocean Business 2019 provided Rockland Scientific with the opportunity to deliver a timely and pertinent training session to the National Oceanography Centre.  Dr. Matthew Palmer, Chief Scientist at NOC Liverpool, leads a research expedition this June to Tanzania. Supported by NOC researcher Dr. Juliane Wihsgott, the team will carry […]