The MicroPod-EM electromagnetic flow sensor is designed for use as a stand-alone sensor or for integration on gliders and other autonomous vehicles. The MicroPod-EMworks on the principles of electromagnetic induction and measures directly the axial speed of the vehicle, U, through the water. The MicroPod-EM can also be used in laboratory flume settings to measure flow speed independently of the presence of acoustic scatterers, eliminating the need for seeding of the flume installation.The MicroPod-EM is available as a stand-alone sensor package or as a modular unit integrated in Rockland’s MicroRider turbulence payload system.

Glider Applications

The axial speed of the glider is an important quantity, which affects the flight dynamics of the glider as well as the accuracy of certain oceanographic observations. For example,accurate knowledge of U is required when converting measurement  points from time-domain spacing to spatial-domain spacing. Some sensors, e.g. turbulence shear probes, require U for proper scaling of the measured signal. While U can be estimated from hydrodynamic models, a direct measurement of the axial speed is useful and preferred in many applications.

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