Self-Contained Turbulence Instrument Package

The MicroRider is a small instrument package for turbulence microstructure measurements, designed to integrate with a variety of marine instrument carriers, such as Gliders, AUVs, moorings, CTD rosettes, profiling floats and the WireWalker.

The MicroRider is successfully integrated into the following platforms:

  • Teledyne Webb Research Slocum Glider
  • Kongsberg Sea Glider
  • Alseamar SeaExplorer glider
  • Hydroid Remus 100 AUV
  • Hydroid Remus 6000 AUV
  • Autosub Long Range
  • Nemo moored turbulence package
  • SeaSoar Towed Vehicle
  • CTD rosette sampler
  • WireWalker 
  • microRiderpic1ALBUM


  • Internal Data Recording
  • 1000 m pressure rating (6000 m option available)
  • Up to five turbulence sensor
    -2x SPM-6000 microstructure turbulence shear probes
    -2x FP07-1000 microstructure fast thermistors
    -1x SBE7-6000 microstructure conductivity sensor
    -1x High resolution pressure sensor
    -2x high-accuracy accelerometers,
    -1x tilt sensor
  • Support for Seabird SBE-3F / SBE-4C WOCE accuracy temperature and conductivity sensor;
  • Tapered nose cone to reduce flow deformation;
  • Safety bulkheads to protect main pressure case from water ingress;
  • On/Off indicator mounted on nose cone ;
  • On-board data acquisition with 4 GB memory (up to 16 GB available)
  • High-fidelity signal conditioning using signal derivate technique.

Further information:

Download detailed specifications here: MicroRider Data Sheet

Results from a deployment of the MicroRider – Slocum combination in the Equatorial Undercurrent are summarized on our News archives. Please follow this link.

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