Title Description Relevance Date Download
TN-002 Digital signal processing to enhance oceanographic observations All Microstructure Instrumentation 2014-01-08 Download >>
TN-003 Transmission-Reception Time (2021) Real-time Instruments 2014-01-16 Download >>
TN-005 Converting Shear Probe, Thermistors and micro-conductivity signals into physical units Microstructure probes, data processing 2016-12-21 Download >>
TN-010 Design and Optimization of Anti-Aliasing Filters All Microstructure Instrumentation 2018-01-03 Download >>
TN-012 VMP 5500/6000 Release Logic VMP-5500 and VMP-6000 only 2014-01-08 Contact Support
TN-013 Using the Magnetometer Instruments with a magnetometer 2014-01-08 Contact Support
TN-014 VMP Tether Termination Splice Real-time instruments, VMP-250-RT, VMP-2000-RT, VMP-500-RT 2014-01-08 Contact Support
TN-015 Modeling the spatial response of the airfoil shear probe using different size probes Instruments with shear probes 2003-03-15 Download >>
TN-016 Small-scale structure of strongly stratified turbulence Turbulence Theory 2004-07-30 Download >>
TN-021a Cyclic Sampling using the LPPS board (P050)- 2011 Version Cyclic Sampling instruments built before 2018 2011-04-14 Contact Support
TN-021b Cyclic Sampling using the LPPS board (P050) – 2018 Version Cyclic Sampling instruments built 2018 and later 2018-10-31 Contact Support
TN-022 Turbulence Measurements from a Glider Ocean Microstructure Gliders (OMG) 2009-09-04 Download >>
TN-023 SMC Heat-shrink Tubing Replacement Probe SMC cable maintenance 2016-03-15 Download >>
TN-024 VMP Measurements in a Tidal Channel Case Study 2012-06-30 Download >>
TN-028 Calculating the Rate of Dissipation of Turbulent Kinetic Energy Data Processing 2013-12-12 Download >>
TN-030 On the Forms of the Velocity, Shear, and Rate-of-Strain Spectra Turbulence Theory 2014-03-06 Download >>
TN-033 Probe Preparation and Treatment of the SBE7 Micro-Conductivity Sensor SBE7 MicroConductivity Probe 2020-02-24 Download >>
TN-034 Whipping Woodhead Cable Grips Real time tethered instruments with Cortland 0.27 inch cable 2014-11-27 Download >>
TN-036 Estimating the steady-state load on a winch during VMP recovery Tethered profilers 2015-04-13 Contact Support
TN-037 MicroXM Conguration Files. Creation of .XMP Files Explained VMP-X 2015-05-04 Contact Support
TN-039 A Guide to Data Processing All instruments, data processing 2018-03-30 Contact Support
TN-040 Noise in Temperature Gradient Measurements FP07 Probes 2019-04-12 Download >>
TN-041 EMC Noise Electro-magnetic Current Meter 2017-07-26 Contact Support
TN-042 Noise in Shear Probe Measurements Shear probes 2022-12-12 Download >>
TN-043 Band of Interest Shear probes 2019-08-14 Contact Support
TN-044 MicroRider Proglet for Slocum Glider MicroRider on Slocum Glider 2019-01-30 Contact Support
TN-046 Rockland Inclinometers All instruments 2018-12-06 Download >>
TN-047 Why Calibrate the FP07 Thermistor? FP07 Thermistor 2019-01-22 Download >>
TN-048 Interpreting Calibrate All Results Troubleshooting 2019-05-27 Download >>
TN-049 Tow-yoing with the VMP-250-IR VMP-250 and MicroCTD 2019-09-09 Download >>
TN-051 Rockland Data File Anatomy (.P) RDL Instruments 2020-11-05 Download >>
TN-052 Rockland Data Logger (RDL) overview and comparison with Persistor Data Logger (CF2). RDL Instruments 2021-11-30 Download >>
TN-061 Goodman Coherent Noise Removal— Spectral Bias All instruments, data processing 2020-06-02 Download >>
TN-063 Cyclic Sampling – With RDL Based Instruments Cyclic sampling RDL instruments 2024-04-13 Download >>