Returning Equipment to Rockland

If you need to return your equipment to us for maintenance, repair or calibration, please proceed as follows:

First, contact us by email or phone to request a Returned Materials Authorization (RMA number).

> Ship small items (e.g., turbulence probes) via expedited, prepaid courier service, e.g. FedEx.

> Ship large items (e.g., profilers or winches) via prepaid international freight service.

Include with the shipment a Commercial Invoice listing the instruments including their dollar value (inquire with us about the appropriate dollar value) and serial numbers of the equipment. On the commercial invoice include the following statement: “Value for Customs Purposes Only. Canadian Goods Returned to Manufacturer. Country of Origin: Canada, HS Code: 9015.80.10 Oceanographic instruments and appliances to be employed in research”.

A sample of a commercial invoice can be found here: Rockland Commercial Invoice.

Our shipping address is:

520 Dupplin Road
Victoria, B.C. V8Z 1C1
Ph: (250) 370-1688 Fax: (250) 370-0234
Customs Brokerage:

For freight services that do not include brokerage service, you may reference King Brothers Victoria as RSI’s customs broker:

King Bros. Limited
T 250-384-1174 • F 250 382 3231
401 Hartwig Court, 1208 Wharf Street, Victoria, B.C., V8W 2P5

(Note that expedited courier services, such as FedEx International, already include customs brokerage. However, “ground” courier services do not.)