VMP 6000 Turbulence Profiler

The VMP-6000 is a full ocean-depth profiling system for measurement of turbulence microstructure, CTD, and other oceanographic parameters. The VMP-6000 operates autonomously (without connection to the ship) and records data on the downward portion of the profile. At a programmed depth, the VMP-6000 releases ballast and returns to the surface, where it can be located with the help of RF beacon, strobe, and ARGO positioning transmitter.

Download the Product Data Sheet.

System Overview

  • Depth rating 6000 m
  • Up to 6 turbulence sensors (shear probes, thermistors, micro conductivity).
  • WOCE accuracy CTD.
  • High grade accelerometers (3x).
  • Internal data acquisition 4 GB solid state disk, LINUX OS.
  • Rechargeable battery pack.
  • Ballast release mechanism with 5 time redundent release mechanism.
  • Geo-electro magnetic current meter for fine-scale shear measurements available.
  • RF beacon, ARGO transmitter, and Xenon flasher.

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