VMP 6000 Turbulence Profiler

The VMP-6000 is a full ocean-depth profiling system for measurement of turbulence microstructure, CTD, and other oceanographic parameters. The VMP-6000 operates autonomously (without connection to the ship) and records data on the downward portion of the profile. At a programmed depth, the VMP-6000 releases ballast and returns to the surface, where it can be located with the help of RF beacon, strobe, and ARGO positioning transmitter.

System Overview

  • Depth rating 6000 m
  • Up to 6 turbulence sensors (shear probes, thermistors, micro conductivity).
  • WOCE accuracy CTD.
  • High grade accelerometers (3x).
  • Internal data acquisition 4 GB solid state disk, LINUX OS.
  • Rechargeable battery pack.
  • Ballast release mechanism with 5 time redundent release mechanism.
  • Geo-electro magnetic current meter for fine-scale shear measurements available.
  • RF beacon, ARGO transmitter, and Xenon flasher.

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