Software Versions Check here for latest versions of Rockland Software.

General Tools Bench Test Checklists and other useful tools when working with Rockland Equipment.

Deployment Checklists Critical checks for deploying your Rockland Equipment.

Software Versions

List of current Rockland Instrument Software and Data Processing Software versions. To request the latest version of software listed below, please contact Technical Support. If you do not see your software listed below please contact customer support.

Data Processing Software

  • Zissou Essentials v1.0.1
  • ODAS MatLab Library v4.4.04

Internally Recording Instrument Software

  • ODAS5IR v4.0.0
  • RSILink v4.0.0 (macOS)
  • RSILink v4.0.1 (Windows)

Real Time Instrument Software

  • ODAS-RT v3.4.1