Dr. Fabian Wolk, Ph.D., M.Sc. – President, Co-Founder
Fabian has extensive technical and scientific expertise in oceanographic measurements. He earned his Masters degree in Physical Oceanography at University of Victoria and his Doctorate in Marine Science from the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. Fabian has worked in academic research and in the oceanographic industry in North America, Europe, and Japan. His detailed technical knowledge of turbulence instrumentation and his extensive field work enable him to advise and assist researchers in many aspects of oceanographic measurements (such as selection of suitable instrumentation configurations, pre-cruise preparation and logistics, system maintenance, sensor calibration, sampling strategies, etc.). In his spare time, Fabian enjoys swimming and surfing. Fabian also serves as Vice President of the Victoria Jazz Society.

Dr. Rolf Lueck, Ph.D., BASc. – Senior Oceanographer, Co-founder
Rolf has been actively involved in physical oceanography and ocean turbulence since 1971. Rolf has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Engineering Physics and earned his Ph.D. in Physics and Oceanography under the supervision of Tom Osborn at the University of British Columbia. He was a Research Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School and a Senior Scientist at the Johns Hopkins University. Recently he was a Professor of Oceanography at the University of Victoria. Rolf has authored and co-authored over 100 publications in peer-refereed scientific and technical journals and book editions. His expertise includes physical oceanography, electrical engineering, oceanographic sensors, and signal processing. In his spare time, Rolf enjoys a few games of golf, salt- and fresh-water fishing, hunting for moose and driving his turbo diesel F-350 pick-up truck, which is required to bring the moose home.

Peter Stern B.A.Sc., B.A. – Director of Engineering & Manufacturing, Co-founder
Peter has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Economics from the University of Waterloo. He has a broad background in product design and manufacturing, working in telecommunications, power systems, fibre optic laser packaging and oceanographic instruments.

Judah Goldberg, M.Sc. – Director of Sales & Support
Judah provides almost 20 years of oceanographic experience to our team. He earned his Bachelors degree in Marine Biology from the University of Santa Cruz, and his Masters in Marine Sciences from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories in California. His diverse background in biological and physical oceanographic research – from phytotoxin analysis to coastal mooring deployments – enables him to be a trusted advisor to customers. For over the last decade Judah has guided customers with proven technical sales expertise and built lasting relationships throughout the research community and marine technology industry. In his spare time, Judah enjoys cruising on his motorcycle, cooking, camping, hiking, and traveling with his wife.

Rick Noel – Facilities Manager, Co-founder
Rick is a graduate from the Instrumentation Program at BCIT. In his first years after graduation Rick worked with Dr. Rolf Lueck in the original ‘Camel Corps’ of Microstructure Measurements at UBC followed by other oceanographic companies where he provided support for oceanographic instruments such as acoustic releases, measurement devices and ROVs. Rick later transitioned to fiber optic communications and held a number of positions within the field for two decades. He is now happily working again with Rolf and the rest of the team at Rockland Scientific developing and manufacturing oceanographic instruments. In his spare time he works on perpetual house renos, car collecting and ocean kayaking around beautiful Vancouver Island.

Silvia Kirsch — Financial Controller
Silvia focuses on the financial health of the company.  She brings extensive experience of 20 years in managing full-cycle accounting, financial analysis, audits, and payroll.  She holds a certificate from Germany as a commercial accounting clerk and a qualification to provide in-company training of bookkeepers.  She also earned her certificate for the professional designation as an Accountant.  In her spare time she enjoys swimming, cycling, walking, running and skiing.

William Douglas, B.Sci. – Embedded Systems Engineer
William is an experienced embedded systems firmware developer with a background in electronics. After graduating from the Electronics Technologist program at BCIT, William started his BSc in Computer Science from UNBC. After graduating, William commenced his MSc with a focus on pattern recognition / artificial intelligence. More specifically, the focus was on observing patterns within accelerometer data to identify different events.

Shiro Yasuda – Probe Production Technologist
Shiro joined our team in 2012 to support with our increasing production volume. Shiro is a graduate of the Camosun College School of Trades and Technology, where he was honoured with the Technology Award of Excellence.

Wei 李, Ph.D. – Electronics Engineer
Wei is responsible for design, development, maintenance and support of all electronics aspects of the Rockland product line and production tools. He holds a Doctorate degree in solid state physics from the University of Manitoba and has gathered hands-on experience working as Research Associate at various universities in Germany and Canada. In his spare time, he likes to play eight-ball and listen to rock ‘n roll. He is also a big fan of vintage electronics and astrophysics.

Andrew Bourget – Instrument Production Technologist
Andrew started his electronics career in 1989 as a rework specialist/test Technician for LSI Logic corp. He is an expert in surface mount technology and printed circuit board repair, and has worked in the fields of Pro-Audio, RF, and Ocean Sensing for over 25 years. He is a former Lead Technician for Lo-Jack corporation and Lead Instrument Assembler for AML Oceanographic. He holds a diploma in Electronics Technology from Malasapina University college and has instructed IPC rework and repair certification.

Haruno Momi, B.A. – Sales Operations Coordinator
Haruno joined our team in January, 2016. Her role at Rockland is to ensure timely and accurate sales and accounts receivable operations. She was born and raised on Amami-Oshima, a tropical island between mainland Japan and Okinawa. Haruno graduated in Sociology from Hitotshubashi University in Tokyo, and has previous work experience in Nippon Steel and the Japan Patent Office. She is an enthusiastic fan of Chinese drama, which helps her improve her ability in Mandarin that she learned while living in Beijing for four years.

Evan Cervelli, B.Sc. – Field Service Technician
Evan provides technical support to Rockland’s customers and helps build customer capacity through training and field services. Evan is a graduate of Saint Mary’s University (Halifax, N.S.) and holds a B.Sc. Honours Environmental Science and Minor in Chinese Studies. Evan completed the Ocean Technology Advanced Diploma from the Nova Scotia Community College. Evan has extensive experience with small vessel operations through work with the Canadian Coast Guard Inshore Rescue and as a Lead Instructor with the Nova Scotia Sea School. Evan enjoys practicing Mandarin Chinese, sailing and cycling.

John Wells – Mechanical Technologist
John joined the RSI engineering team after finishing the Mechanical Engineering Technologist program at Camosun College.  He completed two rewarding Co-Op terms at Rockland during the program, which reinforced his interest in ocean related technology.  Rockland provides a unique and exciting opportunity to work in this field.  Outside work, John is also drawn to the ocean as an active sea kayaker who takes every opportunity to explore the incredible waters off Vancouver Island.

Ian Beliveau- Production Technologist
Ian graduated from the Camosun Electronics Technology program in 1999, and began working at an oceanographic technical consulting company soon afterwards. There he gained field experience at sea in the Arctic and on the West coast, and developed electronic instruments. Later he moved on to servicing remote weather stations and sensors, as well as visiting sites across North America. Next, Ian worked on the NEPTUNE and VENUS underwater observatories for several years before coming to Rockland.

Jean-Philippe Juteau B.Sc. – Senior Software Developer
Jean-Philippe holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Montreal in mathematics and physics. He gained experience in Oceanographic data processing working for Maritime Way Scientific for several years, leading the development of a software suite for the processing and analysis of Multibeam Echosounder data. JP joins the Rockland team to assist with software development associated with the ODAS Matlab library.

Romain Tricarico, M.Sc. – Sales Manager EMEA
Romain joins with extensive knowledge of the oceanographic industry. He holds a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnical Institute of Bordeaux. He originally set out to be a scientist, but when he started his PhD, he realized that he would be a greater asset to the scientific community by acting as a liaison between researchers and industries. Based in France, he is the Sales Manager for Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.


Malcolm Newson – Software Developer
Malcolm joined Rockland in late 2020 to support the development of new software products and optimize internal production systems for consistent quality and efficiency.  Malcolm is also patiently teaching the rest of the staff how to juggle, which is especially difficult in our current remote work paradigm.

Dave Cronkrite – Senior Technologist
Dave has been with the Rockland team from the start. He now works part time, focussing on the most complex instrument assembly, calibration and repair assignments.

Louise Legacy – Special Projects
Louise has 15 years of experience in import and product development from Montreal footwear company, Kamik. She has been working for Rockland since March 2015.  After a very brief “retirement”, Louise is back at Rockland working on special projects.  Her current assignment is establishing a system for management the wide variety of electrical components Rockland uses in it’s proprietary electronic board designs. She also adds a certain humour to the work place. In her spare time, she likes to walk her dog, Ellie, read a good book and enjoys sailing.