Technical Training Course

This training course is an valuable resource for any user of RSI turbulence instrumentation. Over 2.5 days you will learn everything there is to know about deployment and maintenance of RSI instruments and software, deployment and recovery, troubleshooting and data processing. The course includes a sea-going excursion on the R/V Strickland, during which the RSI equipment is deployed and recovered in a real-life situation.

Training Lesson Outline


  • Overview

System overview and how it works
ODAS4 data acquisition software
PLOT-ODAS Matlab library

  • Hardware

System components
Instrument assembly
Sensor installation
Maintenance issues

  • Data Acquisition Software

Getting Started
Configuring of the setup file
Data file format

  • Sensors and Electronics Details

Signal conditioning electronics
Anti-aliasing filters
Analog-to-Digital converter
Shear Probes (Application Note AN-005)
Thermistors (Application Note AN-005)
Pressure Transducer
Mirco-Conductivity sensor and electronics
Data-transmission / Data download (Application note AN-008)

  • Calibration

Pressure transducer static calibration and filter response
Thermistor circuit calibration- Frequency response and linearity
Shear probe calibration- water jet and frequency response
Accelerometer calibration (if applicable)
Micro-Conductivity calibration (if applicable)
Analog-to-Digital converter calibration- linearity and accuracy


  • Test cruise in Saanich Inlet on R/V John Strickland

Instrument setup on board
Winch setup and control (if applicable)
Deployment and recovery techniques
Test profiles
Data quality control (Quicklook routines for onboard data display)


  • Data processing

Parameter setup
Data ingestion into Matlab and data conversion

  • Data Quality Control

Deconvolution of micro-T, C and P data (Application note AN-005)
In-site calibration of micro-temperature, micro-conductivity
Shear probe data processing (Application note-AN005)
Vibration noise removal with the Goodman routine
Spatial response corrections