The MicroCTD is a turbulence and CTD profiler for lakes, reservoirs and estuaries. The MicroCTD was designed in consultation with estuarine physicists for turbulence measurements in the unique operating environments of tidally influenced shallow waters. The profiler is shortened in length so that it can be easily handled on small vessels, e.g. Zodiac, while maximizing the profiling range in the water column. The MicroCTD uses the same microstructure sensor suite as the VMP series of profilers, with an oceanographic reference CT sensor now included as standard. The MicroCTD kit includes flotation and a release shackle to allow for upward profiling.

Download the Product Data Sheet.


  • Standard Sensors: 2x Shear Probe, 1x Micro-temperature (FP07), 2x Vibration Sensors, 1x Pressure, 1x Tilt Sensor, Conductivity-temperature Combo Sensor
  • Optional Sensors: Fluorometer-turbidity Combo Sensor, Micro-conductivity Sensor, Additional Micro-temperature (FP07)
  • Uprising Profiling Kit: Flotation and weight release hardware for uprising measurements (included)
  • Depth range 0 – 10 bar

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