VMP-250 Turbulence Profiler

The VMP-250 is a coastal-zone profiler for the measurement of micro-scale turbulence. The profiler is designed for operation for small vessels with limited deck space (e.g., Zodiacs), or where electrical power facilities are limited or missing (e.g., ice camps). The VMP-250 records data internally on a memory card, eliminating the requirement for a deck-side power supply and data recording system (i.e., laptop). The battery and memory allow for up to 24 hours of continuous autonomous operation. It is possible to do repeated profiles without recovering the profiler between deployments. At the end of the profiling series, the recorded data are read out through a USB connector at the rear bulkhead.
Download the Product Data Sheet.
Download an application example of VMP-250 deployment through an ice borehole (2014 Venables et al MTS).


  • Internal recording for up to 36 hours of autonomous operation
  • Easy deployment from small vessels
  • Two shear probes, 1 thermistor, 1 micro conductivity probe (option)
  • Nose mounted CT sensor and Fluorometer
  • Uprising Profiling Option
  • 500 m depth rating (1000m option)

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