Ocean Microstructure Glider Workshop

OMG Training is held annually each year. OMG2019 is will be held at the Rockland Scientific Facility in Victoria, Canada in spring 2019.  Please stand by for OMG2019 updates or contact us for more information.

Last Year’s event was held in Bermuda:

OMG 2018 is a specialized training program for Rockland turbulence measurement systems that are integrated with ocean gliders. OMG 2018 was hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Glider Initiative & Collaboration (MAGIC) at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. Training is optimized for both scientists and technicians and facilitated by instrument specialists from Rockland Scientific.

The OMG 2018 workshop was held May 28 – June 1, 2018 St. George’s Bermuda

Download flyer here


Day 1, May 28

The Turbulence Mixer Kick-Off Reception (evening)

Day 2, May 29 Classroom

Overview of OMG Measurement System

Ocean Microstructure Measurement Theory & Sensors

Data Acquisition Software

Pre-Deployment Checks

Day 3, May 30 Field Day

Field measurements with OMG (separation into two groups) Group 1 morning

Group 2 afternoon

Day 4, May 31 Classroom

Post Cruise Maintenance

Data Conversion and Processing

Special Topics Presentation (afternoon) Guest Speaker TBD

OMG Banquet Dinner (evening)

Day 5, June 1 Breakout Rooms

Advanced Data Processing and Analysis For Scientists

Advanced Troubleshooting For Technicians

Special Topics Presentations (afternoon) Guest Speakers TBD