Plain English Oceanography: Insight into the Surface Layer of the Ocean During a Storm

Evolution of Oceanic Near-Surface Stratification in Response to an Autumn Storm

Natasha S. Lucas, Alan L. M. Grant, Tom P. Rippeth, Jeff A. Polton, Matthew R. Palmer, Liam Brannigan, Stephen E. Belcher

  • Journal of Physical Oceanography, November 2019, American Meteorological Society
  • DOI: 10.1175/jpo-d-19-0007.1

What is it about?

Why are we interested in the surface of the ocean? The surface of the ocean is the interface between the ocean interior and atmosphere. Heat, gases and momentum are exchanged at this boundary, this has implications on weather and climate.

How did we measure it?

We went out to the North Atlantic, off the continental shelf, in September 2012 for a month. We deployed an Ocean Microstructure Glider (yup, known as OMG!!). This instrument is pretty new and pretty special!

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