Uprising VMP-250 Profiler System for University of Bergen Norway

Rockland Scientific has been awarded a contract to deliver a VMP-250 Turbulence Profiler to the University of Bergen, Norway. The VMP-250 system includes a buoyancy collar and remote-controlled weight release mechanism, allowing the profiler to be operated in an uprising configuration.

University of Bergen researcher Dr. Ilker Fer, will deploy the VMP-250 during the Arctic summer 2014 to measure turbulence and mixing under drifting sea ice, as part of the project “On Thin Ice: Role of Ocean Heat Flux in Sea Ice Melt” funded by the Research Council of Norway. The objective of the project is to study the effect of vertical mixing on the heat budget and ice cover of the Arctic Ocean. For more information on the project, see Ilker Fer’s website.

A video showing the deployment cycle of the VMP-250 Upriser is available on Rockland’s YouTube channel: