Formatting your CF card

ODAS5IR v4.0.0 Instrument Software

We have recently released ODAS5IR v4.0.0 instrument software (2019). If you are operating the new software please use the restore command to format the CF card. More information in the ODAS5IR 4.0.0 User Guide.

ODAS5IR v3.5 Instrument Software
If you are operating the older ODAS5IR v3.5 instrument software please follow the steps below to format the CF card:
To reformat your CF Card, you must be using a Windows computer.
  1. Connect your VMP to your PC using Motocross
  2. Download all data files you want to keep
  3. Reformat your c directory: >> format c:
  4. Create the data directory: >> mkdir data
  5. Transfer ODAS5IR executable.  Using the ’Transfer’ option:
    1. Transfer > Load odas5ir.RUN
    2. Type >> s odas5ir
  6. Transfer USBL executable.  Using the ’Transfer’ option:
    1. Transfer > Load usbl.RUN
    2. Type >> s usbl
  7. Transfer the non-executable file, setup.cfg and autoexec.bat
    1. Transfer > Load setup.cfg
    2. Transfer > Load autoexec.bat
We recommend typing dir between each setup to ensure that the previous step has been executed correctly.
Once you have reformatted your CF card, run a short bench test and ensure that you are acquiring data correctly and you are able to process the resulting p-file.
The Customer Support Team